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Written by Glenn Miranda Apolinario   
Monday, 22 October 2007 15:47


I am Glenn Miranda Apolinario, IT Manager,  Web Developer and Systems Administrator.  I am currently working in an International Company at Centerpoint, Bldg., Ortigas, Pasig City. I am also a member of the Joomla Filipino Community, PHP Filipino Community and Ubuntu Linux Filipino Community. I love programming and using Open Source Software such as PHP, C++, My SQL, Postgre SQL, Fedora Linux and Ubuntu Linux “Humanity Towards Others”. I hope you enjoy your visit and please post your comments, suggestion and blogs if you have any.

I would like to thank my very Handsome, Polite and Generous Boss, (some British guy who's name I will not mention) and our Great and Excellent Company for giving me my own domain name and letting me host it on our server in the UK. In fact it is the only website here in this server.

Did you ever work in a company and enjoy it in the process? Well I am now. Imagine doing programming which I love to do, Systems Administration which I enjoy and doing Web Design which I am not good at, but I like to learn because I think it's fun. Having great co-workers and superiors. Well I'm definitely in the right place. I enjoy it here very much. Every day in the office is a good thing. It's like being excited every time your off to work. Doing stuff that you like and being paid for it. What else could you ask for?

I would like to thank the Open Source Community, Joomla Filipino Community and PHP User Group Philippines. Also the Ubuntu Linux Community, specially the Filipino Community which I am a member of. Lets promote open source, use and contribute for the betterment of others.


PREX, Parish Renewal Experience.  I am a graduate of PREX Class No. 10 at our parish, San Jose "Ang Tagapagtanggol" Parish.  Together with my wife, we sometimes serve as Lead Couple during PREX seminars, with our daughter acting as a junior animator. Let us promote PREX and support its activities. We would like to thank all who shared their time, talent and treasure for our cause.

Class No. 10 (Sept. 2008)

PREX - Parish Renewal Experience

San Jose "Ang Tapagtanggol" Parish




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